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Cattle Feed Concentrate CFC

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What is Cattle Feed Concentrate (CFC)? CFC is a food supplement for livestock. It contains of vitamins, minerals, trace elements, proteins, amino acids, enzymes, probiotics and prebiotics which supplement nutritional requirements of your livestock. It helps to increase milk yield per animal by 500-1000 ml per day and keeps them healthy. How to Use Adult cattle- 10 to 15 gm per day Calf/goat/sheep- 5 to 7 gm per day Poultry and 280 gm per 1000 kg of feed Benefits: It helps to increase lactation period and sustained milk production even under stress conditions. It helps to increase fat percentage of milk and ensures protein rich milk. It helps to increase fertility. Incorporation of minerals and vitamins improves the resistance power of livestock especially during pre and post calving period. MOS helps to control Aflatoxin and acts as an immunomodulator to prevent Mastitis & other infections, thus ensures healthy pets. Presence of Vitamins ensures better metabolism and probiotics helps in proper digestion and absorption of nutrition in the body.