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Biofit Wrap up

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Wrap Up is a plant defense booster derived through a culture of microorganisms. Once applied via foliar spray, it provides plant protection against microbial infection by forming a thin coat on the applied parts of the plant. This creates a structural barrier, which helps plants to defend microbial invasions. In addition, the metabolites from microorganisms act as a growth enhancers helping the root systems to absorb more nutrients.How Wrap Up works? Wrap Up, when applied over the plants, forms an invisible, thin layer over its surface. This is called as a structural barrier & it prevents microbial invasions. Regular application after predetermined intervals helps plants prevent recurring microbial attacks. This barrier, however, does not obstruct the respiration, transpiration and the process of photosynthesis. Benefits of Wrap Up: It creates a thin coating, which forms a structural barrier that act as a defense mechanism for plants to resists any kind of microbial attacks. In addition, metabolites secreted by microorganisms help in root system development and photosynthesis, thereby promoting and enhancing plant growth. The secreted metabolites also help in reducing environmental stress due to drought. Application of Wrap Up acts as a prophylactic and preventive intervention, which helps in better quality and quantity of produce. Dosage Add 1.5 to 2 ml of Wrap Up per liter of water to spray. Conduct the foliar spray at every 15 days interval, throughout the life cycle of the crop. * When applied through drenching it helps to increase soil quality fertility and root development. Compatibility: Wrap Up is compatible with most of the biological formulations. Avoid mixing it with other agro-chemical products. Recommendations: All vegetables and crops viz. cotton, roses, sugar cane, soybean, garlic, onion, peas, citrus, wheat, potato, chilly, grape, rubber and other crops.